We were excited when one of our closest partners, Solspace, called on us to rethink and redesign their home page. Solspace is the brains behind some of the best add-ons for ExpressionEngine, one of our favorite platforms, making the project that much more interesting for us.

The challenge here was not just a makeover, but realigning the message and content of the page to match the company’s core services. Previously focused almost exclusively on the software side, Solspace wanted their services for clients to be brought to the forefront.

Wanting to evenly promote software and client services, we did what seemed most logical: split the page into two columns. This allowed Solspace to clearly tell visitors what they do and direct their two audiences in the right direction with the new statements “We Build Software” and “We Build Websites.” The page is divided into these two areas throughout, with featured software and an overview of client services.

Since Solspace did not want to undergo a complete site redesign, we also were faced with the challenge of a new home page that worked seamlessly with the rest of the site. While we introduced some new graphic elements and layouts not seen before on solspace.com, the overall color palette and typography remained for a consistent experience from the home page to interior pages.

Check out the new Solspace home page and follow us on Twitter for more.